Actor's Headshot

This one come from Instagram.

Aziz's assistant got in touch, he is an upcomming horror director and screen writer from Saudi Arabaia, who flew in to London to get his Actor Headshot taken by an Actor's Headshot Portrait Photographer.

I got in early with my mobile studio, set up and took a few test shots.

The setup itself was quite simple, traditional 2 light setup, a key light at amera right and a rim light to provide separation from the background at camera left. The separation is quite important since he was wearing black on a black background

Actors Headshot Photography

Here are a few of the black on black images

Actors Headshot PhotographyActors Headshot Photography

After this initial shots we break the ice and Aziz started to relax a bit, I also got him to try a different look

Actors Headshot PhotographyActors Headshot PhotographyActors Headshot Photography

And to try out a few acessories

Actors Headshot PhotographyActors Headshot Photography

and had a little fun

Actors Headshot Photography

And that's a wrap, not its time to get back to our office and edit this Actor's Headshot styled pictures